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viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Volkswagen Golf V GTI

Mazda Furai

El Mazda Furai es un auto concepto revelado el 27 de Diciembre de 2007 y construido por Mazda.El debut oficial del Furai fue en el North American International Auto Show de Detroit del 2008. El Furai (風籟),significa "sonido del viento". El chasis esta basado en el prototipo Courage Compétition C65 Le Mans. El auto posee el numero 55 que es de su antecesor ganador en las 24 horas de Le Mans de 1991, el 787B.Muy diferente a varios autos de concepto, el Furai es completamente funcional y es actualmente probado en varias pistas. Ha corrido en Laguna Seca y Buttonwillow.

The Mazda Furai is a concept car revealed on 27 December 2007 and manufactured by Mazda.The Furai officially debuts at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.The Furai (風籟), meaning "sound of the wind". The chassis is based on the Courage Compétition C65 Le Mans Prototype.The car bears the #55 number that of its 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans winning ancestor, the 787B. Unlike many concept cars, the Furai is fully functional and is currently being tested at various tracks. It has run at Laguna Seca and Buttonwillow.

jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

Cockney Cab II

Need to get somewhere fast? Hailing the Cockney Cab II will be the best bet. Unlike the traditional London Taxis, this custom version features a super tuned rear V8 engine to power down the cobblestone lanes. Book reservations now as they are filling up fast! *Actual speed may vary based on weather and local traffic conditions.

The Cockney Cab II is actually based on the world-famous but now-discontinued FX4 "Black Cab" built from 1958 to 1997 by various manufacturers, originally Austin and most recently London Taxis International. The FX4's replacement, the TX series shares the FX4's distinctive silhouette but is a completely new vehicle.

The Cockney Cab II's roof-mounted "air scoop" is the subject of a rare and amusing error - on the real vehicle, this feature is actually a hooded orange lamp with the word "TAXI" written on it, illuminated when the cab is available for hire. In early First Edition examples, this has a correctly-positioned orange patch on it - later ones being simply black. A few examples have the "scoop" fitted facing backwards, so that if it was a real taxi, prospective passengers would not be able to hail it until it had passed them!

Acura NSX

El Honda NSX (Acura NSX en América del Norte y Hong Kong) es un automóvil deportivo producido por el fabricante japonés Honda Motor Co., Ltd. entre los años 1990 y 2005. Tiene una carrocería y un chasis monocasco construidos totalmente en aluminio, motor central trasero transversal y tracción trasera.

The Honda NSX, or Acura NSX in North America and Hong Kong, is a sports car that was produced between 1990 and 2005 by the Japanese automaker Honda. It sports a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout and was powered by an all-aluminum V6 gasoline engine featuring Honda's Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system.

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